Dstv Installations Kempton Park

Dstv installations Kempton Park are performed by qualified and experienced DSTV installers. We provide a quick, professional and reliable Kempton Park DSTV Installations service. As soon as you make a call or submit your details via our contact form, Dstv Kempton Park will get in touch with you immediately to understand your requirements, we then schedule an appointment to come and fix, install or service your Dstv.

Call today on 076 453 1161 and get back to your DStv viewing pleasure!

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Dstv Installations Kempton Park & Tv Wall Mounting Kempton Park

We are major installers of Dstv services in Kempton Park, Dstv, ovhd and other home tv installations are all handled by qualified technicians. Our clients need not to worry about installers as they all have a big user experience and professionalism.

Single View HD 

The Single View HD DStv Installation includes an 80cm Satellite Dish. Smart LNB. Single View HD DStv Decoder. Up to 10m cabling connected to 1 television. And call out fee.


dstv installationExplora Installations Kempton Park

 Explora Installation Kempton Park  With well equipped and well trained, Explora installer teams. Furthermore having the latest installation equipment. Our Explora installer teams supply a high quality installation. We have an Explora installer ready for you. Call us now (076 453 1161).

dstv installationsXtraView DStv Installations

The XtraView DStv Installation allows you to watch two separate DStv channels in two separate rooms. At the same time. Under one DStv subscription plus an additional charge per extra decoder. You will also need a Smart LNB. As well as additional DStv Decoders.


Home Entertainment Kempton Park

DSTV-SolutionsDSTV Installations Kempton Park also offer Home Entertainment services including, Mounting Flat Screen TV. Connecting HD DVR. Installing Satellite TV Receiver. Digital TV Connections.  HD Satellite Receiver. TV Wall Mount. Satellite Antenna. Dish Antenna. Mounting TV On The Wall. TV Receiver. Plasma TV and Flat Screen TV Installations. TV Installation. Satellite Television. Laying Coaxial Cable. Wiring. Satellite Receivers. Satellite Signal. And Home Theatre.


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3 Month Warranty On Workmanship

All workmanship is covered by a 3-month warranty. This means in the unfortunate event something happens to go wrong with our installation. We will come out the next day and repair it at no extra charge to you.

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