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We have a team of accredited expert DSTV installer for you new setup and or repairs. We also provide DSTV equipment or install equipment which has already been purchased by our clients. We have a number of DSTV Installation Packages that vary with prices. We guarantee great workmanship and devotion to each and every one of our clients which goes above and beyond the conventional customer supplier relationship. 

We specialize in TV wall mount installation services. We have been offering our services to customers in this region as well as its environments for a number of years. Our ever-growing list of customers can attest to just how reliable and efficient our services are. After completing the installation work, our experts will fix any cables, decoders, or any other add on that is needed for your TV to work. They will also help in fine tuning the television should there be any network or signal problems. They can also help with a technical problem if it’s something they are able to handle. At the end of everything, you will be left with not just a neatly mounted TV but also an efficiently working one.

We offer DStv Extra view, Third View Installation in Gauteng. Like Extra-View, Third View comes with kids in mind. It allows you to watch three separate DStv channels in three separate rooms at the same time. This is the ideal set up. Now kids can watch their cartoons independently. In many households the choice of DStv programs always varies. To resolve this impasse, we provide DStv Explora In. Extra-view allows you to watch two separate DStv channels in two separate rooms independently without interfering with each other. Now husband can watch his sports and NEWS. Wife can watch her cooking shows and soapies.

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We guarantee great workmanship and devotion to each and every one of our clients which goes above and beyond the conventional customer supplier relationship. We offer affordable and reliable DStv Installations, DStv Repairs, DStv Maintenance and DStv Upgrades. As well as, recommend the best solutions for your DStv needs. 

Imagine having connection related issues with your DSTV decoder when you have paid for your subscription? What makes it even worse is when DSTV tells you that you need to call a technician to come and fix the issue for you. We are here for your Callouts.

DStv Explora installations. DStv Installers near me. Signal repairs. Satellite Dish Installation. We offer great advice on DStv dish installation and positioning to ensure you get great quality, flawless and uninterrupted HD viewing 24/7. Because we are the best among the rest.

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